Sep 7, 2009

Last days in Bonn...

Well the time has come to pack up our bags and head south for Frankfurt for a few days. Our train leaves Bonn tomorrow (Tuesday 8th) at 12:30 and we will stay a few days with the parents of one of Andrew's classmates in Mainz, Germany.

This past weekend was interesting because the International Paralympic Committee celebrated their 10 years of being located in Bonn and 20 years since forming. There was a big event at the Bonn World Conference Center where people from all around the world came to listen to speakers talk about their history with the committee and the future for the Paralympics. All turned out well and was nice being able to be around the IPC crew all together one last time.

I know we are anxious to get back to the States to start the next chapter in our lives, but are nervous about the job situation. We are definitely going to miss the people we have met while over in Germany and only hope we will get to see them again soon! Europe has treated us well since being over here and it will be sad leaving what we called home for 3 months. So thanks Bonn, Brussels, Zurich, Vienna, Paris, and Venice for the great memories... along with all the cities we visited in Germany (Berlin, Meppen, Cologne, and soon to be Mainz). And we will miss you Kim (and everyone at IPC), Sven (and all the Bonn Capital players), Jamie, Paul, Susan and Steven!!!

We will make sure to post our last journey on here as well when we get back home! We are excited because as soon as we get back to Chicago we get to see Roxy and Brad (Andrew's good friends who are getting married this weekend) that we haven't seen in 1 1/2 years. So, sadly this will be my last post from Germany and hopefully everyone enjoyed reading our adventures for the past 3 months!!!


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