Sep 21, 2018

Long Overdue Update - Where You Can Find Us Now!

A LOT has happened in the 7+ years since our last update here. Some good, some bad but at the end of the day we're still alive and well!

Our travel adventures haven't stopped even though our updates here on AshDrew Travels have. That's the main reason I wanted to take a minute for a quick post to let you know where you can now find us.

If you are looking to get into hiking, trying to figure out what hiking clothes to buy or where in Colorado to hit the trails visit us at HelloTrail. In the past seven years we have made Steamboat Springs, Colorado our home away from home (and hopefully sometime soon our ACTUAL home) and found a unique peacefulness up in the mountains.

I have always loved the outdoors but there was something magical during our first visit to Steamboat in June of 2011 months following a tragic family accident that I haven't been able to shake, nor do I want to.

HelloTrail is our way to help inspire and motivate others to enjoy nature as much as we do and to #getoutside and #gohike!

Maybe the mountains aren't your thing. No problem but I bet Hawaii is up your alley!

Given the fact that the Navy made me live there for 3 years and that Ashley fell in love with the islands as soon as she got leid - sorry I'm good at bad jokes - at the Kauai airport it just made sense for us to share our knowledge of the Heavenly Hawaiian Islands.

So Hawaiianly was born! We are working on content that will help you plan and get the most out of that Hawaiian vacation you have been putting off all these years!

The moral of the story is to enjoy every single day to the fullest no matter where in the world you are. Sure, both Colorado and Hawaii make it easy to enjoy yourself, but at the very least find a place near you where you can unwind, take a deep breathe and know everything will be alright.

We look forward to hopefully seeing you soon at either of our sites so don't be a stranger!

All the best,
Ashley & Andrew

Ashley and Andrew in Steamboat Springs by the Yampa River


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