May 4, 2011

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

Ever since moving back to St. Louis I have been itching to go to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to put my new camera to use. Sunday happened to work out best even though Andrew had to work... but for once it wasn't raining! Although it was a weekend, the gardens weren't super busy, yet. I paid my $4 to get in and headed off to my favorite areas. Disappointment began to set in when I started to realize I was at the tail end of tulip season. I was able to get a few shots of almost dying flowers, but I guess that is better than nothing. My intended target, the Japanese Garden... my favorite! No matter how many pictures I snap while here, I still end up taking the same exact ones just because it is so beautiful. The Temperature House is another great one. It reminds me of Florida because its hot and humid inside with just simple flowers and bright and cheery tiles everywhere.

While walking aroudn I picked up a free tree (basically looks like a small branch that is wrapped in something damp at the base) called a Black Gum. Unfortunately, I don't think it will ever get a home because when it matures the width is expected to be 30 to 60 feet and it's not like we have a yard of our own anyways. It's a good idea though and it almost makes me want to plant it in some random field around here.

My last stop before leaving was at a small tent selling some awesomeness! I ordered the mozzarella and chicken dog that was smothered in homemade slaw and honey mustard. They also were selling some pretty delicious looking fresh squeezed juice, but there was carrots in it, so I decided to pass at least this time. I can't wait to go try other things Urban Eats has to offer at their permanent location in Tower Grove. Enjoy the pics!


Let's try this again!

We always have great intentions to keep our blog going, but quite frankly, it just isn't as easy when you aren't exploring the streets of Europe! Much has happened since the last update. We have left the beautiful state of Colorado and are in the good ol' Cardinals Nation! It's been about 2 and a half weeks since our venture back east and I am pretty sure our heads are still spinning.

Andrew and I both have jobs... I transferred to a different Dick's Sporting Goods here and Andrew is currently working with Big Shark Bicycle. Erin and Bill were brave enough to offer up their spare bedroom for us while we make all attempts to find a place to rent or even buy. We originally were going to rent until we realized the high costs for such a mediocre place. Buying a home soon entered our mind to get more bang for our buck, but that hasn't been much of an easy task either! Long story short, we are still looking and hope to find our "dream" place soon.

Since being here we have been able to fit in quite a bit of visiting with friends and family, which is always a good thing. We made it back just in time for Easter and an awesome tree dedication for Andrew's Grandma. The tree is right next to a baseball diamond... don't think Edna would want it any other way!

Stay posted... hopefully next post will be about our new place!!!


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